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Akkas & Nangis

In Sinhala, Akka means 'Older Sister' and Nangi means 'Younger Sister'. There are 37  Akkas and Nangis that work across all of the Prithipura communities. From hands on intensive care, through to teaching, they are responsible for the the health and wellbeing of residents at each of the Prithipura Communities. 


Head Akka 

Pushpa has been working at Prithipura for over 45 years and is a specialist at caring for babies with life-limiting and palliative conditions.  She has learnt her skills from specialised volunteers over the years.  Pushpa is very patient and calm in her role and spends time with the babies who need lots of extra support.  She also plays a role in managing and administering medicine for everyone at the Infants Home and is the first port of call when medical assistance is needed.  



Toni grew up at the Infants Home and married someone in the village close by.  She now lives in the village and works at Prithipura Infants Home.  Her husband is a fisherman and she has 3 children. She mostly works with babies and young children at the Infants Home and like all our staff, has a very caring nature.  


Teacher at cotagala school 

Priyanka has been a teacher at Cotagala School for a number of years having grown up at Prithipura and passed her O levels at Cotagala School.  She is extremely dedicated and kind to the youngest at Cotagala, ensuring that they have all they need including lots of cuddles!



Wasanthi has been living and working at the Infants Home with her young son, Kevin, since he was a few months old. Kevin has Down’s Syndrome. Wasanthi can now earn a living as well as being close to her son and ensuring he gets the support and care he needs for development.

podi menike

assistant at asokapura farm


Menike grew up at Prithipura and is now a full-time staff member at Asokapura Farm.  She helps in the kitchen supporting with meal preparation for the 45 adults with disabilities that live there.  She also supports the residents of the farm in a supervisory capacity with farming activities.



Kusuma came to live at Prithipura in the 1970’s as a young child and currently works at the Infants Home. Kusuma supports the Akkas in the baby room and enjoys supporting and spending time with the youngest that live with us. Kusuma is part of the Infants Home staff dancing group that performs at external events regularly.  She also regularly takes part in sporting events, exceling at the javelin and shotput events. 




Maria grew up at the Infants Home in the 1970’s and moved onto Cotagala School before taking part in  vocational training at Asokapura Farm.  Maria currently works at Anandapura Farm and supports some of the adults there who need help with self-care skills.  Maria enjoys this work and has a close bond with many of those that she supports having grown up with them. Maria also supports the farm work that goes on at Anandapura.  Maria excels at sports and often wins medals for running events. 

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