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While we are able to generate some funds through the sale of farm produce, 

we are still reliant on charitable giving to support our work.  Every rupee, dollar, euro and pound received is essential to keeping our community thriving and helping some of Sri Lanka's most vulnerable individuals to live happy and fulfilling lives. There are lots of ways you could help; by checking our latest wishlist, current projects or by donating via transfer or online, below.

Donate by transfer

Donate via transfer

Donations in rupees

Account Number:            
SWIFT Code: 
The Treasurer, Prithipura Infants Home
Bank name & address:     
Hatton National Bank,  City Office, 
P.O. Box 98, 
16 Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 1, 
Sri Lanka.

Donations in euros

Account Number:            
SWIFT Code:                    
The Treasurer, Prithipura Infants Home
Bank name & address:      
Commercial Bank of Ceylon Ltd., 
Pita Kotte Branch, 
539, 539A Kotte Road, 
Pita Kotte, Sri Lanka.

Donations via cheque

The Treasurer - Prithipura Infants Home,
Beach Road, Hendala, Wattala 11300, 
Sri Lanka.

Donate online

If you're a UK taxpayer, you can add Gift Aid when you donate through Givey. You can also set up a monthly donation to support Prithipura all year round. Please note this fundraising platform is operated by Prithi UK.


It is a tradition in Sri Lanka that parents, and often children, will forego gifts or treats for themselves at times of celebration and will instead organise "Dhaana" for a worthy cause. Many choose to celebrate the birthdays of their children by organising Dhaana at one of the Prithipura sites. 

Dhaana essentially involves the provision of a meal, or meals for an entire day, to one of our sites. Local people will typically organise Dhaana so that food arrives already prepared, giving the care givers - the Akkas and Nangis - a welcome break from preparing everyday food to feed so many mouths. Alternatively local people support the Prithipura communities by donations of food and money.

If you would like to organise Dhaana for one of our sites please contact us with details as to which site you would like to organise Dhaana for, the date and the value. We will provide you with all relevant information and assist you in organising the meal.


We strive to continuously improve the services and support offered to those who live with us. We are currently looking for funding for 3 projects:

1. A purpose built centre for art, dance and a library at Cotagala School - everyone at the school has the opportunity to participate in creative activities such as art and dance and this is an important element of the curriculum and activities that many excel in. Until now, we have not had a dedicated space for these activities.

2. Fencing for vegetable plots at Cotagala School and Asokapura Farm - Agricultural activities are an important element of vocational training as well as generating an income for the organisation.  Replacement fencing is required for vegetable plots and the goat pen in order to maximise vegetable production and goat herding in order to prevent wild boar and other wildlife entering these areas at night.

3. Refurbishment of the Neranjala residential accommodation at Asokapura Farm - Approximately 20 adults with disabilities live here and work is required to improve the residential facilities including painting, some electrical work and provision of cupboards and new beds. 

For more details and cost estimates please get in touch.

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It is also possible to sponsor a member of our community directly. We allocate sponsorship based on need at the time and we endeavour to send an annual report with some photos of the sponsee's progress.

A full sponsorship is Rs 10,000/month. Part sponsorship is Rs 5,000/month.

If you're interested in sponsoring an individual, please fill out this form.

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