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At the Infants Home, babies and pre-school children as well as children and adults with severe disabilities receive intensive care, therapy and support by dedicated staff and volunteers. Many of them have cerebral palsy and their learning and physical development is affected.   

Our specialist therapy team, which consists of physiotherapists, a speech and language therapist and an occupational therapist, provide essential support to promote development as well as providing training to staff.


Several of our Care Staff are also very experienced and provide basic medical care such as NG feeding, suctioning and administration of medicines and have learnt these skills from qualified local and foreign volunteers.    

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There are approximately 80 children and young people who attend and live at Cotagala School, located near Alpitiya, close to Mawanella. 

Cotagala is registered as a Special School with the Education Department and operates on a 3 terms per year basis. Where possible, we encourage regular contact with families and our students spend the holiday times with their family but those who have no family stay with us throughout the year.

Babies and children who grow up at the Infant Home who have less severe disabilities typically move to Cotagala School when they are around 5/6 years old. 


Children also attend Cotagala School when their families are referred to us via the Education department as they are unable to find a school local to where they live.

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40 adults with less severe disabilities live and work at Asokapura. Here they can work on our Rubber Plantation or help with the well-established vegetable plots. As with Anandapura Farm, produce and products are either used on-site or sold for income which increases the sustainability of the organisation.

Asokapura Farm is 1.5km away from Cotagala School and daily activities are often linked, with some of those living at Asokapura also accessing Vocational Training at Cotagala School.

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45 adults with less severe disabilities, with varying levels of independence, live and work at Anandapura in Katana, near Negombo. Here they can partake in cattle farming, coconut farming, brush-making or growing many varieties of fruit and vegetable. Produce and products are used on-site and also sold for income which increases the sustainability of the organisation.

The main community building at Anandapura is often used for group activities including Art Therapy and vocational training. Meals are eaten communally and accommodation is provided in a series of independent buildings which are spaced out around the grounds. 

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