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We support people living with disabilities to lead a fulfilling life, whatever age they are. Our youngest members are only a few months old and our eldest are in their 60s. Across our locations there are people with many different types of disability and with varying levels of independence.

ASHu, 2 

Ashu has Down’s Syndrome and came to Prithipura as a young baby.  He is a lively, smiley boy who is developing well day by day.  He is learning to walk at the moment but is also a vary fast crawler!

Saveena, 6 

Saveena has a severe physical disability of unknown origin.  She came to Prithipura when she was two months old as her family felt unable to care for her in their home due to poverty and family difficulties.  Saveena now attends Cotagala School.  She loves singing songs and using the computer.  

nadeeka, 7 

Nadeeka was born in a home for unmarried mothers where children are usually adopted. Due to her health complications she was not chosen for adoption.  She had surgery on her brain and came to Prithipura when she was a few months old.  She is now thriving. She attends a local mainstream school where she got very high marks for Maths in her end of year test and in her spare time she loves playing with her friends.

aruna, 32 

Aruna lives at Anandapura Farm, having grown up at the Infants Home.  He uses an electric wheelchair, donated by some kind sponsors in the UK, and enjoys whizzing around the farm on it, helping others.  Aruna loves using the computer and is learning how to write emails to his friends on his laptop.  

Pramila, 38 

Pramila lives at Cotagala and is part of the vocational training programme that supports adults with skills for life.  She is very good at embroidery and makes embroidered pillowcases that are sold through ‘Prithipurability’.  She also helps in the kitchen and garden and is learning useful skills in both these areas.  She is very good at chopping vegetables and making rotis.  She enjoys dancing in her spare time and is part of the Cotagala Dance Troupe. 

Rosie, 49 

Rosie lives at Anandapura Farm, having grown up at the Infants Home.  Rosie has a lively personality and laughs a lot. She enjoys being around her friends on the farm and taking part in the activities that go on there especially music and dancing. 

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